Corporate Profile
一途株式会社/KAZUTO CO., LTD.
3-86-1, Ajiyoshi-cho
Kasugai-shi, Aichi-ken, 486-0968

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Foundation date
Lucky day in July
10,000,000 yen
The representative Director
Kazuto Kutsukawa
Description of business
  • Inbound Business
  • services for foreigners
  • Web campaigning
  • Planning production operation of promotion
  • import sales wholesale of foreign goods planning
  • production of various advertisements
  • Bank
    Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, The Juroku Bank
    Maki certified public accountant office
    Certified Public Accountant Shinnosuke Maki
    Corporate philosophy
    Always remember the evolving mind.
    Without evolution, There is no company's development and survival.
    Internal education guidelines
  • Development of human resources
  • A construction idea that has a niche perspective and does not allow follow-up
  • Always self-dissatisfied (acquire high skill)
  • Always innovate ・ reform organization
  • Variety ・ abundant education (introduction of training and seminars)
  • Always thinking while running (speed sense)
  • Try & error
  • Have a strong spirit
  • Have a managerial sense
  • Affiliated union